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Jan 24, 2012

Charleston College

Mike's illustration for the Charleston College basketball team has been brought to life in this slick animation...
- Artist Update
Jan 09, 2012

Mike Harrison Updates!

Mike has updated his Destill portfolio with nine new projects.
- Artist Update
Dec 29, 2011

Nate Coonrod Updates!

Nate updates his folio with some great typographical work...
- Wallpaper
Dec 20, 2011


Niklas Lundberg & Justin Maller's collaboration Siccero is now available for download!
- Artist Update
Nov 29, 2011

Mr Flurry Updates

Mr Flurry has released an exciting array of new work on his personal folio.
- Funkrush
Nov 14, 2011

The Golden Rule

New design up on Funkrush - "The Golden Rule"
- Funkrush
Jan 24, 2012


Funkrush has released this slick Zelda inspired t-shirt!
- Wallpaper
Jan 06, 2012

This Time

Matei's awesome illustration for TIME "This Time" is now available for download!
- Wallpaper
Dec 28, 2011

Future Perfect

Finnian's submission "Future Perfect" is now available for download!
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Dec 19, 2011

Chapter XLIII - "TIME" Goes Live

The Depthcore Collective is proud to release it's 43rd themed chapter exhibition, "TIME". As we near our 10th anniversary...
- Artist Update
Nov 29, 2011

Aeiko Tutorial on Digital Arts

Pete Harrison's latest tutorial for Digital Arts has gone live featuring one of his wonderful creations for the OBSOLETE chapter.
- Typcut
Nov 10, 2011

Leigh Flurry for Typcut!

New cut up from UK artist Mr Flurry!
- Wallpaper
Jan 23, 2012

Beats Per Minute

Brisseaux's "TIME" submission "Beats Per Minute" is now available for download.
- Artist Update
Jan 05, 2012

Perttu Murto Updates!

Perttu has updated his folio with new projects!
- Wallpaper
Dec 23, 2011


Ari Wenkle & Justin Maller's collaboration "CYCLES" is now available for download!
- Artist Update
Dec 14, 2011

Brisseaux Print Shop

Kervin Brisseaux has launched his own print shop, featuring high quality renditions of his unique work.
- Artist Update
Nov 21, 2011

Desktopography Launches!

Desktopography has launched! Featuring over 40 pieces of nature themed artwork, explore the release and bring tranquility to your desktop!
- New Member
Nov 10, 2011

Welcome to Falinox!

Marcus Modlinski aka Falinox brings his elite DNB skills to the Depthcore Music Department. Read this great interview with K-Mag to learn more and hear some tunes from our latest addition.
- Wallpaper
Jan 10, 2012

Tomorrow Never Happened

Valp's "TIME" submission "Tomorrow Never Happened" is now available for download.
- Wallpaper
Dec 30, 2011


Emeric's submission "Ainsi-Venu" is now available for download!
- Wallpaper
Dec 22, 2011

Nema Vremena

Vesna'as typographical submission "Nema Vremena" is now available for download!
- Artist Update
Nov 29, 2011

Valp Updates

New work from Maciej Hajnrich posted on his great personal folio.
- Typcut
Nov 16, 2011

Kervin Brisseaux for Typcut

New cut up from NYC artist Kervin Brisseaux!
- Video
Nov 03, 2011

Mike Harrison for Veer Creative Catalyst Time Lapse

Mike Harrison shares a timelapse of a recent work created in association with Veer Creative Catalyst
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