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Meet Depthcore's newest members!

posted: Nov 10, 2011

Welcome to Falinox!

Marcus Modlinski aka Falinox brings his elite DNB skills to the Depthcore Music Department. Read this great interview with K-Mag to learn more and hear some tunes from our latest addition.

posted: Aug 03, 2011

Welcome to Pat Perry

We are delighted to announce that Pat Perry is joining The Depthcore Collective.

posted: Aug 01, 2011

Welcome to: The Orka Collective

We would like to welcome Abo and Ooli from Orka to The Depthcore Collective!

posted: Jun 28, 2011

Meet Sougwen Chung!

Go behind the mystery and intrigue of Brooklyn based artist Sougwen Chung - or at least find out what her favourite animated GIF is. Not that we asked.

posted: Jun 25, 2011

Meet Lucas De Alcantara!

Brazilian artist Lucas de Alcantara swells the collective aesthetic with his intricate steampunk influenced artwork. Read on to learn more about this enigmatic addition to the Depthcore ranks.

posted: Jun 24, 2011

Meet Nate Coonrod!

Meet one of Depthcore's newest members, Brooklyn based illustrator and designer Nate Coonrod.

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